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Introduction of Evidence Implant’s CI/BI

에비던스 CI
Symbol Mark

The symbol mark represents the spirit of Evidence Implant, which is shaping a newimplant culture with design that provides comfort through softness as well as feelings of honesty and safety. The English initial “E” is used to make clear the company’s identity as dental implant specialist company, representing its commitment to global advancement and its name “Evidence Implant,” as nouns, gives the image that it has become synonymous with dental implants.

  • 에비던스 컬러 CI
  • 에비던스 흑백 CI
  • Main Color
    PANTONE 315 C
    C90 + M35 + Y30 + K20
    PANTONE 7546 C
    C77 + M61 + Y48 + K50
  • Sub Color
    EBI Dark Gray
    PANTONE 424 C
    EBI Light Gray
    PANTONE 421 C