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About Us


Hello, thank you for visiting our website.

Evidence Implant Inc. was established by doctors in 2002 with the vision that Dental Implants will be the future of dental practice (professors and alumni of the New York University Implant Department)

The New York University Implant Department in the US has been conducting clinical comparison, studies and evaluation of the world’s most renowned implant systems for 15 years.

Evidence Implant Inc. develops and verifies products from the customer’s perspective based on such study results and data, and is providing only the safest and most reliable products through its perfect quality system including KGMP, ISO13485 and CE certification.

Dental implants have cemented their position as one of the best treatments to restore masticatory function for entirely or partially toothless patients through development of designs and technologies including surface treatment technology. With increased interest in its aesthetic aspect, numerous studies have been conducted in recent times to satisfy aesthetic needs. However, given that safer, more aesthetic and easier-to-use implant systems are increasingly desired from the customer perspective, we will continue to push forward. .

All at Evidence Implant will do our best not only to provide safer, more reliable and high quality products, but also to start a new customer-centric chapter in the history of dental implant technology.

CEO of Evidence Implant Inc.